Reccomendations for zero latency or something close.

Hi Guys,

What device should I get for closest to zero lat? I only need to use one input at a time, so its not needed to spend extra money for a device with tons of inputs that cost like $300!

Unless my Zoom h4n can somehow magically work on Cubase, then I wouldn’t need to take this step. However, as it stands now, the zoom asio drivers seem to give cubase to not work. Actually, my zoom h4n asio doesn’t even work with other programs such as my video editor/nle. I can use the zoom h4n, but that is only when I use a different ASIO driver, and then select the zoom as the computer microphone. However, I cannot get it to output sounds or be used as a direct ASIO.

Please help?
Thanks, Dave

It has been my experience that PCI audio cards have better performance than USB or Firewire devices, by far.
I think RME is fantastic, but it seems you are looking for something less exspensive as well as less I/O.
Figure out what your budget is, then see if you can find a PCI card that is a fit, if firewire is an option for you, that would be a good second choice, then USB. Just my opinion based on my experience.
I like MOTU firewire, but I do not have good luck with MOTU on any PC I have tried, for a Mac, they are solid.
good luck

What sound card do you reccomend annd where can i staart looking for these cards?

M-audio ultra 8R or the profire 610 is the only thing anywhere close to your budget.