Receive file wrong filesize

My VST Connect 5 Pro demo period went great - bought a license. Had a great session today - at the end went to transfer the HD files and received two error dialogs. The first just says “receive file wrong filesize” immediately followed by a second dialog saying “receive file not open”. I tried the operation several times with the same result and eventually had to give up. Is there a patch a available for this problem so I can reconnect and retrieve them?

Windows 10,

up to date Steinberg software.

Performer side is up to date as well but running on a MacBook pro

An update is coming soon. We have intensively tested and improved all Get HD Files functions, and also added some more features, namely Performer can now create a zip folder for Get Local HD Files by press of a button. We think the new version will also be able to fix your project. Meanwhile you might want to try the ‘Get Local HD Files’ function: have Performer send the folder with the Cubase project name to you, load said project, do not log in, click the ‘Get Local HD Files’ button and point the upcoming file selector to that folder.