Received 2 vouchers for upgrading the same product to Steinberg Licensing?

Vouchers were recently issued to enable switching products to Steinberg Licensing.

  • Zero Gravity
  • Jazz Essentials
  • Modern Jazz Essentials
  • Padshop 2
  • Simon Phillips Jazz Drums

… there may be others. For me, all except the Simon Philips Jazz Drums worked fine, however for SPJD I received two vouchers for the same product, but I only own one USB-eLicenser registered license.


The codes are different, so they are in fact seperate vouchers.

Has this happened to anyone else?

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Yes, I also have them doubled. Groove Agent 5, some Retrologue expansions and others too. And it creates a mess. I used one of the duplicates by mistake and now I have the license showing verification pending and cannot get rid of it.

yep - something similar here

Thanks for the responses, at least I know I’m not alone …

I have logged a support ticket for this very reason – I want to avoid exactly this.

If you haven’t already done so, can you also log a support ticket and perhaps it will get some attention?

I find logging support tickets a totally futile endeavour :slight_smile:

Rest assured that Steinberg know about it - doesn’t mean it will get attention though - and, annoying though it is, I’d rather see that development time spent on more urgent issues.

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Just by reading this forum entry I was informed that I can upgrade licenses to Steinberg licensing. Checked my Account and found the options under vouchers. Maybe there should be some info somewhere about this…

I.m.o. after the redeem, the button “send to eLicenser” should be in red, and not the OK button. I thought have to enter the displayed code in the Steinberg Activation Manager. And maybe it should be named “update e-Licenser” because I first thought “send to e-Licenser” was an option to transfer the license back to the eLicenser in the case you decide to go back to old licensing after clicking on redeem. Maybe many others - not just me - will click on OK and wonder why the license is not active in the Activation Manager. OK in my second attempt I chose the correct button and the license was deleted on eLicenser. But… just sayin’ :smirk:

In the Activation Manager however then it is VERY CLEAR, what to do to activate.

Yes, I got double Future Bass and Kingdom
Thanks for posting this. I thought I had double-bought after polishing off too much wine one night or something…

It’s weird that the FutBass’s were not added at the same time, but Kingdom was:

Future Bass 1: Added on 10/14/2022
Future Bass 2: Added on 10/26/2022

Kingdom 1: Added on 12/05/2022
Kingdom 2: Added on 12/05/2022

yep - mine are on random (different) dates

I’ve a suspicion that the issue is because you can generate the “elicenser codes” from the “download codes” in voucher two different ways (via SDA and via your Mysteinberg account) .
Something to do with the timing of these processes means Mysteinberg loses track of what is where and what has moved across.

Alternatively it’s just the usual SB lack of quality control :smiley:

Yes. Happened to me on Wavelab 11. I think it’s so they have an excuse to send threatening emails telling you you’re about to lose access. Tiresome.

That’s been my experience as well, nevertheless, if we don’t use the only official means of support, are we not leaving ourselves open to the accusation that we never officially reported the issue, and that therefore Steinberg were not obliged to do anything about it?

While we know this is a user-to-user forum, and that Steinberg staff do react here from time to time, it is not the official path for requesting support or for reporting software defects. Think about it – what if the next problem with Steinberg Licensing is more serious, e.g. lost activations, or having your perpetual USB-eLicenser license marked “deleted” before the switch to the new activation has completed?

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I wish it worked like that - but we both know it doesn’t. In most cases support tickets aren’t looked at in any meaningful way.

Reporting something ‘officially’ means nothing at all in my experience. Steinberg are under zero obligation to fix it. As I mentioned earlier this issue is annoying but I’m much rather the fixed some of the other, more important, bugs.

^^^ GA5 on sale with SP Jazz Drums - which explains the ‘random’ update to SB licensing for that expansion.

So much for the hopes for HALion 7 … :smiling_imp:

Still waiting for any response from Steinberg about which of the two vouchers is the correct one to use to upgrade my USB-eLicenser license.

I’ll be interested to see what (IF!) they say

I’ve a licence with a verification pending that runs out on Sunday - I’ll post back (if I remember) if it ‘disappears’

looping back on this

My phantom ‘verification pending’ licence now shows ‘expired’ in both the activation manager and in MySteinberg

I still have the correct (non-phantom) licence.

annoying but not really a showstopper.


I followed the Greg Ondo instructions in this video and now modern jazz essentials, jazz essentials, and Simon Phillips jazz drums work in groove agent se without a dongle.
I’m using Cubase 12

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Thanks, but this is not about how to do it. I shouldn’t have received two vouchers for the same product in the first place – the question is, of the two vouchers, which is the correct one?

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I think the implication is that we are doing it wrong