Receiving Error Message

Can anybody help me with Cubase 6.0.6 I am receiving an error message that I am recording too many tracks at once, when I am only recording on one track…whats up? I have windows 7 64 bit 4 GB ram

Odd one. Even 4gig should manage that. What does the performance meter say?
What’s in the Pool?

Are you using the right ASIO device in Cubase Device Setup?

If using an onboard soundcard look up ASIO4ALL but get a better soundcard if you are using the onboard and you are using Cubase for more than recording granny at the Wedding do. :mrgreen:

Yo Conman, I haven’t checked the performance meter , but I will. The ASIO device is definately right. I have had the proper ASIO device in the device drivers. I’m using an M-Audio 610 Firewire & have down loaded the newest drivers. I also downloaded the newest drivers for Cubase. I’m sure the pool is quite full, but I will clean up the trash. Thanks for replying. :smiley: