Receiving midi program change messages

Not sure if this is possible but I want to send midi program change info from an external device to trigger the markers. I have a heap of backing tracks each with a marker at the start of each and want to start each song from an external controller (mixing desk with midi cc capability).
Can this be done and how?


Aloha R,

Interesting question.

Keeping in mind that not all
MIDI gear responds to all MIDI messages,

How about this:
At the spot in each song that has a ‘marker’ event, also place
a MIDI ‘Start’ event and then send that message from your controller
at the appropriate time.

(In fact depending on your gear,it may be possible
to use a ‘MIDI Song Select’ event to choose between the different songs)

Just spitballing.

With “General Remote” device you can assign MIDI messages (including Program Change) to “markerButtonX”. Don’t ask me about the details … never tried this myself.

BTW: Were you able to solve your previous problem: midi program change - Cubase - Steinberg Forums and if, how? It would be nice to know if Curt and/or I helped you there.