recent audio files all missing in cubase 10.5

having been using cubase 10.5 for a month now, its been superb. however. tonight I opened up one of the tracks Ive been working on and instead of opening up the track it goes to ‘set project folder’ . As far as Im aware all audio tracks including loops from cubase are saved in the folder I created for each track. the track eventually opened, but all the audio files ive created since I started have disappeared, ive tried locating them and searching for them but nothing is working. it looks l;ike the tracks are in the trash, but they all have X at the front of their name and theres no source at the end just 4 ???

Ive opened up 4 other tracks Ive been working on and its doing the same to all of them, its deleted 4 guitar tracks I recorded last night, and theyre nowhere to be seen.

any idea whats happened. it will take me weeks to re-create all these files and the songs were supposed to be ready for mastering next week. the computer is new and was built specifically for cubase and has been great so far, but this is a real problem.

any help would be qappreciated

many thanks

Hi Oldpunk,

Cubase will ask you to set the project folder when it can’t find the one it’s expecting. Either because the project has been moved or because the folder no longer exists.

Are the audio folders in each of your projects still there but empty? Or are the folders not there? Did you move any projects?

Did you do any housekeeping in the pool, such as removing unused audio files?

I’m not sure what you mean when you say there is no source at the end of the files in the trash just 4. Can you explain?

You maybe should start using / learning the correct terminology - makes it easier to understand what you are talking about for anyone trying to help, and also for yourself to understand the Cubase file handling. From your post, a „track“ seems to mean a „track“, a „project“ and an „audio file“…?!
As Richard wrote, if a file or a project folder can ´t be found, it was renamed, deleted or moved. And in 99% of the cases it is not Cubase doing this on its own.