Recent files list 'incorrectly' populated

This is merely a minor nuisance, but annoying anyway… When saving separate audio files fom the montage - without having them opened in the file editor (great improvement!) - they still do appear in the Recent files list of the wave window. Although they were never opened, they do clutter up the list - and the files that were recently opened are now out of view…

Just something to ‘correct’, I suppose, in a following version. (or is there another option I missed?)

I’ve noticed this too. Sometimes it’s annoying, sometimes it’s handy when you meant to have the file open after rendering and forgot to check the box…this way you have a quick way to open it.

It is by design, for the reason mentionned by jperkinski.

Mm, I must say I don’t see the logic: they were never ‘recent files’ in the particular workspace - and anyone knowingly deselecting the box ‘Open resulting audio files’ knows where the newly created files are going. In fact, NOT wanting the files to show up there is the reason it became a selectable option, right?

If it is for the reason mentioned, then it’s a misuse of the recent files list: breaking one function to create another.

Actually, there should be two things:

  1. Recently opened files (in reality, recently closed files)
  2. Recently written files (and closed)

Both are currently included, but batch generated files, or files implictely opened (audio files opened by the audio montage because of clips).

Those files I speak of were not implicitly opened; clips in a montage become files after rendering with lots of action in between - as you ofcourse are well aware. In my case, many times they’re just MP3 batch savings of CD-tracks as a last step from the montage. That’s why it’s annoying to see them populate the list in the audio editor.

In conclusion I’d like to suggest to leave the recently written files out of the ‘recently closed’ list of the audio editor, where they never were opened. Maybe a ‘recently written’ files list could be added to the montage workspace, but personally I wouldn’t need it.