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Ok… here’s one that, for me, has moved from N5 to N6. Brought it up a while ago in the N5 section…

In Nuendo 4, the “recent files list”, including the “open recent” list at startup, updated dynamically. If a project was removed from the computer, it would disappear from the recents.

This is not happening for me now. List gets bigger and bigger; never updates. Trashing prefs brings the list back to nothing, but behavior remains the same.

Is anybody experiencing this as well? Wondering if it might be something having to do with my system/user arrangement…


Ok, then… maybe it doesn’t bother anybody other than myself in Nuendo-Land. Fortunately for me, this issue does get on some Cubasers’ nerves… and here’s the workaround, which worked for me:

by Maincat » 03 Aug 2011 23:07


I’ve sorted it.

Make a copy of ‘Defaults.xml’ and keep it safe somewhere in case something goes wrong.

Edit Defaults.xml (mine is at C:\Users/Owner/AppData/Roaming/Steinberg/Cubase6_64 (or what your Cubase version is).

Do a find for ‘recent’. You will eventually find (near the end of the file for me) the list of recently opened files. Carefully delete the entries you want and save.

Open Cubase. Voila. Of course, if it didn’t work for you, replace Defaults.xml with the copy you saved.


On a Mac on Mtn. Lion: “Option-Go Menu”/Library/Preferences/Nuendo6/defaults.xml

Many thanks to Maincat in the Cubase Forum


Cumbersome, indeed.

I do not wish to have to do software hacking to keep things clean!

As this worked fine for me in N4, I’m calling this as I see it for 5 & 6: a bug!