Recent Project doesn't appear in Steinberg Hub Recent Projects

Having Saved a project correctly and exited it doesn’t appear in Steinberg Hub when I reopen Dorico but can access it through File explorer Recent Files


Have you renamed the file outside of Dorico? Is it on temporary storage (e.g. a USB drive that gets unplugged, or Dropbox or similar)?

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Its not on USB nor in DropBox or the Cloud

In File Explorer Recent Files I get initially a pop up that no such file exists in the directory backup etc
then if I try again in File Explorer Recent Files it opens
I think what I may have to do is not rely on backup naming but give it a new name

If I rename and file in Dorico Projects it works so it manifests itself with Backup files which I shan’t use again for mainstream work

Projects that you open from the Backup Projects folder won’t appear in the Hub, because we don’t in general want you opening and re-saving those projects to that location. When you open a project from the Backup Projects location, it opens with a special setting that means when you later save it again, you will be prompted to provide a new location and name for the file, and the intention of course is that you don’t save the project into the Backup Projects location. Dorico manages the files in there, and it will eventually rotate the files in that folder (i.e. delete the oldest one when a new one is added), so if you should never save any file you want to keep into that location. (Similarly into the AutoSave location – Dorico deletes all the files in there when the application quits.)


Excellent and Clear explanation - I’m educated!

I use Dorico Pro 4 currently. Checking older discussions for my problem, I do have many/most of my projects on removable storage that does get removed. They don’t appear in hub and this seems like the removable drive could be the reason why. I also get many copied versions through this workflow. As an example, as I save and close work in progress, I’ll get {title} copy 2, then copy 3 etc.

Is there a workaround, known issue or operator error on my part?

PS I was today years old when I learned there is a Dorico 5, so maybe this isn’t going to remain to be an issue for me.

If you have your projects on a removable drive and that drive isn’t available when you start Dorico, it prunes the list of recent projects and removes anything that can’t be found. So I think that is indeed exactly what’s going on.