Recent project using Dorico

Thought some folks might like to see a pic of a recently-completed project that just came in the mail. It’s a liturgical book for personal use, all music done in Dorico, and finished in InDesign. Dorico made it incredibly easy, both for modern chant notation and graphic slices.

(There is quite a bit of longer chant in the book, but I don’t have promo photos of those pages)


Congratulations! Excellent work.

That’s a lovely job Dan.

Let me know when this goes on sale… I’ll add it to my collection! :nerd_face:

It would be interesting if you cared to give us an outline of how you did it? Unless it is simply making slices which get combined with InDesign for the text and printing?

There are a lot of difference formats throughout the book. The portion here was indeed made using graphic slices and inserted into InDesign. Longer chants were made entirely in Dorico and exported/imported as entire pages.

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Exceptional work Dan, well done.

Really good - and all Dorico! I like the choice of text and music fonts . I think other music notation apps would struggle to create such a large scale work - it’s the power of frames.
Congratulations to the person / people who did this project and thanks to the Dorico team for creating Dorico so this work could be created. We should also thank Steinberg for having had and continuing to have, the courage and commitment to back Dorico’s creators.

Thanks Stephen! Though just to clarify, I did use InDesign for the heavy lifting in some sections, including in the photo above.

Looks good - did you included Psalm 121.


Yep, it’s a complete psalter.

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You should always leave one out, just to keep them on their toes. :wink:


Yes, Psalm 119: it saves a lot of time.

Beautiful work

Or use the Hebraic numbering so it’s different from all the psalters based on the vulgate.

Very beautiful edition @dan_kreider .

Where do you get the superb hardcover book printing done @dan_kreider ?

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Thanks! This is actually Flexi-Case, which is a soft-cover imitation leather. I do all my printing through RR Donnelley.