Recent Projects Gone - Corrupt file

Can anyone help?

All of my recent projects have gone - disappeared!

and my Generic Remote are corrupt too

on re-loading these - all of my custom commands are now unassigned.

Would anyone know which file has become corrupt?
And where it should be in the OS (Win7) so I can go find a back-up.


Have you tried a cold reboot?

Thank you for your quick reply

but a cold reboot has not restored the file/s

I need to know the name of the preference file and where Steinberg keep it in the OS
then I can pull a copy from yesterdays back-up

In future - I willl also have these backed-up to a specific location - as this is happening regularly.

Although everything is supposed to be 64bit
sometimes VSTbridge seems to struggle closing down the project
Forcing Cubase to end - is deleting these corrupt preference files

But I desperately need to find out exactly ‘which’ files and where - so I can quickly get going again.

Does this help>

Thank you Split - appreciated.

I’ve got my Generic Remote maps Back

Going after my key Commands now, then the projects.

I’ve now assigned a short-cut to physically copy this folder
and set this to a more accessible back-up location

These files are simply too important to have to go hunt the back end of your OS for just to find and back-up.

Again - thank you - you just saved me a whole load of time.

Kind regards,


Key Commands restored now too - thanks

Great :sunglasses: