Recent PROJECTS list as assignable key command

It would be a HUGE time saver if you could just assign a key command to open “RECENT PROJECTS” list anywhere in the project instead of having to go to the File menu. Recent Projects is not under File in key commands anywhere i can see in my key commands.

Recent Files is in the Hub, or in the Project Assistant dialog. You can get there by hitting ctrl/cmd-n.

Again, i am not seeing the key command for certain items listed in my File menu. I also mis labeled this post which i just corrected. Its Recent Projects under File menu that i meant…not Recent Files.
Here are my screenshots.

Is it perhaps the difference between Mac and PC?? I just noticed you use Windows.

I understood anyway. :wink: What I meant was- you can get to that list via the Project Assistant. Uncheck ‘Use Hub’ in Prefs>General and hit cmd+n.

Not what you asked, but I doubt this request would gain any traction, mainly because that menu item has sub items, and the key commands do commands, and not any menu manipulation.

Have you tried using the Mac OS Keyboard pref pane to add a keystroke for that? I used Macs for years and made extensive use of those application shortcuts.

Steve from Chicago wrote:

Have you tried using the Mac OS Keyboard pref pane to add a keystroke for that?

Good thought, Steve, but it can’t work because the Recent Projects menu item nests a list. Assigning it a Mac shortcut only blinks the screen while the OS waits for the other half of what it wants: an item selected within Recent Project’s sub-menu.

Right- I suspected as much…

Neither of the two methods is very efficient. To open a recent file, you need either a) three clicks, or b) one shortcut and two clicks. This is annoying.

Here’s how it should work:

Cubase should allow users to assign custom keyboard shortcuts (in the Key Commands window) for every menu item, without exception. This would be simple to program, yet it would improve user efficiency enormously.

Steinberg, it’s time you listened to your users on this issue.