Recent project's list gone

Hi there,

Every few weeks Cubase deletes it’s recent projects list. It happened 3 times already, and it’s pretty annoying.
Any clue why is this happening?


Hi and welcome,

The recent project list is stored in the preferences. To me it sounds like the preferences has been deleted. Do you have any thoughts in this direction? Would could cause the preferences deletion?

Same thing here! Recent projects are gone, both in the Hub and under File menu. Haven’t touched a thing! In the File - Open menu it rememnbers the last project ‘Windows wise’…


As I asked already… Could you ensure, Cubase doesn’t crash (silently) when quit, please?

In which file are recent projects stored on a Mac?
I’d love to being able to delete them all at once instead of going through one by one on the hub.


I didn’t recommend to trash the preferences. I said the preferences are probably not stored properly while quit, because of a (silent) Cubase crash. Therefore I would recommend to investigate first, where does Cubase crash. For this, I would need the DMP file, if there is any.

Win: Documents/Steinberg/Crash Dumps

To answer your question anyway, I don’t know, unfortunately. My expectation is, it is stored in the defaults.xml, where is lots of other stuff packed in.

Thanks for helping!