Recent Projects list problem

Sometimes I go though the vast collection of unfinished tracks on my computer, choosing one to work on for a few hours.
If Cubase exits gracefully, it’s easy to find these tracks in recent projects the next time you re-load, but if Cubase crashes at any point, even if you’ve saved several new versions of a file - this history is lost completely and reverts back to the last time Cubase exited gracefully.
We all know that Cubase crashes every so often, so why not make Cubase write to disk this recent files list rather than holding it in memory for hours and then losing it on crash?
Most other software does this - all the Microsoft suite and adobe suite have much better recent files behaviour.

This must be relatively easy to do and it’s bothered me on many occasions - am I alone?

steps to recreate the issue:
1: open and work on several files, saving them.
2: have Cubase crash (you can simulate this by ending the task in taskmanager)
3: check your recent projects in the file menu or hub - all recently opened projects will not show up

My last one with C12 was last year, sometimes in fall, as I tested new plugins.

I suppose each user will have a different experience, as different methods of production create different pressures on the software. I’m not here to whine about crashing - but it does happen, and this is a fix to one of the issues it causes. I’ve been using Cubase for ages - so have tracks from all sorts of versions, maybe these ae more likely to crash Cubase than more recent files?

One workaround would be exiting and restarting cubase regularly - but if it can write the recent files to disk on exit, couldn’t it do it when playback was stopped?

A feature, I regularly use, is the “save to new version” function.
If you use this and the recent files list would only contain the last opened files, this would be not covered in the recent files list. If the list gets stored on exit, this is included.

I think you should find the origin of your crashes, before requesting a workaround for a problem that should not exist …

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hey st10ss - same here, I never save over a file, my time is way more valuable than ssd space - but that doesn’t solve the particular problem, as the new files are still held in memory until cubase exits - they also get lost on a crash. (including the recently opened original file)

With regards to your sage advice about crashes - that’s not what I came here for. Fist the crash diagnostics would be much too complex given the range of years of files I open, second, the complexities of plugins etc. third and likely most importantly - it’s just not something I came here to resolve - however much you might want me to. I do love though how you tend to reply to my posts, at least giving them some replies - this helps others find them - so thank you!

Agreed this can be annoying. It hasn’t happened to me much as it’s just been bad plugins causing crashes. What is even more annoying about it is if you have opened multiple projects and the last one crashes, you lose all of them in the list.

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