Recently Used Plug-ins

There are probably a few features in Wavelab that would be really useful if implemented in Nuendo, but this is the first that comes to mind. The quick/easy popup menu of recently used plugins in the plugin dropdown menu.

I so appreciate this feature in Wavelab and I so miss it it in Nuendo.

Another feature that might be harder to implement is Wavelab’s ability for any plug-in to address stereo, mid, side etc. It really helps to have that flexibility without needing to use a third party plug-in to do it.

The first request seems easy enough and again…would add a lot of value. Thanks!

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The “etc.” part is perhaps the most difficult to achieve at the moment: multichannel (especially 3D).

This is something that VST3 should be able to do by specification, but very few plug-ins adhere to this standard. Therefore, it would be very helpful if it could be done like in ProTools, where as many mono instances as needed simply behave as one multichannel processor in a single insert slot.

… I’ve been waiting for a solution for 20 years, I think. 8-/

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