1. I need to use lyrics as a cue in operatic recitatives, so that measures expand automatically with the text, but I don’t want notes or rests to appear in the cue (only the empty bar rest should display). Is there any workaround to do this?

  2. Is it possible to add a cue on multiple staves at once?
    Thank you very much in advance.
    Stefano Rabaglia

I am wondering if you can use the different options cues give you — unpitched cue, then opacity of the cue notes at 0 to make them disappear, and reduce stems to make them disappear. If that works, this method is clearly a workaround…

I will try as soon as possible. But it seems promising. Thank you very much!

You can add a cue to one system and then copying it in other systems by selecting the signpost and ALT-click on the desired position.

Your suggestions are precious!
Unfortunately, hiding the notes or rests in the cues must be done in Engrave mode for every single layout and every single cue. For an orchestral project this can be quite long.
It’s not possible to copy the resulting “clean” cues to an another musician.
But it works, anyway.
Thank you once again.