Recognizing 64 or 32 bit vst

Hi friends,
I use Cubase 8 El 64 bit and as a newbee when I installed the software and plugins I’ve not create two separate folders for 33 and 64 bit plugins. So I wish to know how can I recognizes 32 or 64 bit vst and if it is possible separate them in two different folders without losing them in the song that I’ve already created.
Thanks a lot

See the pic here for the indicator for bridged plugins. If you have 32bit plugs running in 64bit Cubase they should have this symbol next to them in the drop down.

So note down all of the bridged (32bit) plugs and then in WIndows explorer move the dlls for those plugs from the existing folder(s) to the folder you want assigned as your 32bit folder.
Add this folder as a vst2 pluginpath and rescan or restart Cubase and you should be good to go.

Note that Cubase is dropping 32bit support in next version…There’s always Jbridge but best option for stability and performance is to bite the bullet and move to all 64bit.