Recomendation for third party midi drum patterns to use in GA

I’m looking at buying some midi drum pattern packs and sticking with the GA that comes in Cubase pro, Being a newbie I just want to find out if anyone has had issues with certain third party stuff. I’m looking at getting the Groove Monkey mega pack. Listened to alot of the demos etc, tested them out and they seem great for what I want. I ain’t no drummer and don’t pretend to be, nor want to be. The less time I spend putting a drum track together is more time I can spend time on what I am good at. Any advise appreciated.

The groove monkey mega pack comes with grooves already mapped to Groove Agent. So you should be good to go…

I have just tried throwing some Groove monkee grooves (in GA format) onto the pattern pads for Groove Agent 5 and they work as expected.

I bought the mega pack many many years ago (for use with EZ drummer). They send me occasional emails saying they have added new packs and to redownload it. Which is nice!!!

Just remember if you want to change kits to load the kit without patterns otherwise the patterns get over written and you have drag and drop them again.