Recomended cpu for audio desktop

Hi all
What cpu is prefered for cubase7.5
I saw a steinberg article that said to disable the multicore on the cpu.
If so…i5 will give me better performance then i7?
These are the cpus im thinking about:[0]=2030&cmp[1]=1933

Thanks in advance

it has nothing to do with Cubase or any other main sequencer
its all about your workflow

average track count?
44 or 96k
sample libraries? if so lite or heavy use

lastly NEVER turn off Hyper threading that is old and wrong

Don’t know where that article came from, but disabling hyperthreading (not multicore) was only an issue on the first gen I7’s as far as i know. I think CB is multicore by default nowadays.
Disabling hyperthreading results in some performance loss but on some forum posts people do report a more stable asio performance without hyperthreading, but still the machine is technically underperforming.

If you compare both processors in the intel ARK then the choice is obvious.
Go for the I7 which is faster, has hyperthreading, more cache RAM, and is only a little more expensive.
The K option behind it also means you can, if you would want to, to overclock the processor.


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Disable Hyper-Threading if your CPU supports it (e.g. Intel i7). Further information on how to disable it can be found in the mainboard or computer documentation.

The article came from here:

and for the last time IGNORE THAT absurd and FALSE statement.
do NOT disable.
there is no repeat no issues with hyper threading.
this is what I do for living.

i can admit to Scott’ statement that he does know what he’s talking about and not just making a bold statement.
His job is indeed making pro-audio workstations for years.

Take a peek in the client list and then you can see that this a pro level advise.
But that statement on the steinberg site is there for some years now, and you’re not the first who makes this referal to the steinberg site. That can explain the short reply.

Sometimes we can grow a big beard before they update/correct anything on their site, certainly when it’s in their advisory-database.
Personally i am waiting for months now to see if someday, sometime, they will actually remake their download link to Halion 5 in the location where it should be. (on the download page) But i’m still waiting.

So back on topic: i would go for the I7. :slight_smile:

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