Recomended Training Vids for C5


I’ve been out of it for some time. I really haven’t even played with my C5 install enough to be real comfortable with it (obviously I’m not an early adopter, lol). Now that I have a couple weeks to sit at home by myself I thought I’d dig in.

I have the full manual but I find I learn better from a video. I’ve scoured the usual sites but I’m thinking I may need to put some cash down and get a full course. I know the basics like setting up the program, I can record, playback etc but I’m still a little unclear how to really work with my wave files and stuff like that.

Anyone want to point me in the right direction?


Yeah, that’s what I’ve been doing but something still seems to be missing. I guess I just may have to hunker down, read the manual and start clicking.

My big complaint about the youtube route is that so many of them are put together by people who really don’t know how to get down to business. You know… bad focus, bad lighting, stumbling around like they didn’t give any forethought to what they were going to say etc etc.

Try these. Although they’re for older versions, they still apply.

Check this one out. He has qutie a few on his website and theres some free ones so you can get an idea of what to expect. Ive watched his psytrance production and synthesis tutorials and they were very good.