Recommend a compatible audio interface (2 in 4 out)

Hi everyone,
Just got my first iPad today and the idea is to use this with Cubasis as a multi track playback system in alive situation.

Bit of background for you all:
I am a drummer but I also sequence keyboard backing (pc and Cubase 5) then export to my Roland Fantom G which comes to the gigs with the drum kit. I then play to a click track that comes out of one of the separate audio outs of the Fantom G.
This has worked well but the amount of gear I need to setup and transport is more than I want, so would be great to replace the keyboard with an iPad solution.

So, Cubasis should deliver the audio backing I require along with some midi out to a DMX mixer that controls stage lighting.
I need an audio interface for the iPad that will deliver at least 2 in and 4 outs so I can stereo out the backing audio plus provide a separate output (could be mono) for a click track (generated by audio or midi, don’t care which).

My question is, has anyone tried any audio interfaces that would provide a solution to my needs that is compatible with iPad 4th gen/Cubasis?
I have found a Tascam US-200 that would be ideal for my needs. However, how do I know if it would work? Has anyone tried it?

Thanks in advance if you can offer any insight or solutions.




I’m looking to do the the same if it’s possible. I use a mixture of Midi and Audio and run Cubase 6.5 on an I Mac for live! I could potentially reduce the audio tracks down to 2-3 stereo tracks and I’m in the process of converting the midi to trigger external instruments(so no vst instruments). I use a limited amount of audio processing i.e. a global compression and some delay and reverb. At the moment I have built a single project with all the songs contained within! Loading individual protects between tracks is really time consuming and spoils the flow of our performance.
So my question is, is the I pad loaded with Cubasis powerful enough to do the job and what interface would give me a midi out and a stereo Audio out? An audio and Midi in would be really useful but not essential. Can any one help?


having read a few of the earlier post it seems that Cubasis doesn’t have a tempo track so I would have to load each song as I go.

I am afraid I will never get the recording process beyond microphones and guitar inputs. While my Cubase setup has some great potential right out of my basement studio AND I WISH I knew what to do with it but it just seems to be one hell of a mental block.

So, would I be able to get an audio interface plugged into the iPad 4th gen and use it for portable recording?

Yes you can! I’ve not tried it but there are a number of products available that say they will do the job. Try searching the Web and also listed at the bottom of the Cubasis page under the Products/Apps page on the Steinberg site.Let us know how you get on. As this technology is relatively new the more information about the varying ways the tech can be used the better our understanding of it will be. Sorry to state the obvious! :blush:

Richard - For straightforward audio 2 in 2 out and midi in/out, something like the Alesis IO Dock looks to fit the bill.

The issue I have is getting an audio interface with 4 outs that is known to be compatible.
The RME Fireface has more than 2 outs and Is noted as a supported interface but the spec and price is more than I want. The hundred odd quid and the spec for the Tascam solution would be ideal if I knew for sure it would work.

Still hoping someone can help with this.



I too like the Alesis unit it keeps the components to a minimum. I am hoping someone will develop a “snap-on” set of microphones and that’s it…As said, the technology is new and it devlops rapidly.

Thanks Stevo, the Alisis looks great! And has the right spec for what I’d like to do. my concerns now are if I’m going to have load each project as and when how long will that take and will the processor on the iPad 4 cope ok?

EDIT: I’ve just had a look online and it seems the alesis that you mentioned would only work with iPads that have the 30 pin dock connector, does anybody know of a solution for this? Or have alesis released a newer model supporting the lightening connector?

That’s a good point Richard. The latest iPad with the lightning connector isn’t supported yet. I guess it will be in development if the original iO Dock has been a good seller, but I haven’t seen any reports to support this thought.
There are some other interfaces that you could consider, check the ones stated on the Steinberg website under Cubasis. The Alesis solution is nice and neat though with everything in the one box, so to speak.

Maybe try posting a separate question about load time of a project as current users must be able to give a general idea. I would be interested in knowing this as well since I plan to load projects for live work like yourself.

I still haven’t found a working solution to my issue yet either. Need to keep looking I suppose.

I won’t be buying Cubasis either until I know there is a working solution.



Thanks Stevo!

I have a couple of issues at the moment. 1, the available hardware seems to be designed for the earlier iPads, Cubasis as yet doesn’t have program change so I would have to manually change patches between each songs.
I’m going to take your advice and start a new thread. thanks fella and good luck with your search. Is your act covers act or originals?



Hello everyone!
Decided to check out cubasis… Very cool.
May I recommend somewhat of a sleeper in the iOS world-
The Akai EIE. 4 in 4 out, 1 midi din I/o, and a USB hub built in to connect midi controllers.
Runs at 44.1/16 bit which is perfect for cubasis. Works with lightning adapter too.

This is from last summer, but still relevant!
Glad to be here! :smiley:

Thanks for the recommendation, I will be checking that out.
Couple of questions for you dubhausdisco

  1. Are you able to specify which outputs your tracks send to? For example, Stereo track 1 in Auria to outputs 1&2 of the Akai and stereo track 2 in Auria to outputs 3&4 of the Akai.
  2. Have you tried Cubasis yet and if so, does question 1 work in Cubasis?
    This is what I would expect to happen with Cubasis, but since it lacks some other standard things like midi program change and tempo/time signature control, I would rather ask the question.



Hey Richard,
Check out the Akai that dubhausdisco recommended. May be a solution for us both.
In answer to your question - I do both, but the covers band is the one requiring the backing.



I will check it out with cubasis, just downloaded last night.
What you are asking works with Auria, and any other app that supports multiple audio outs.
Also I forgot to mention it has inserts on the inputs, (nice feature), and one of those input/output monitor mixers built in.
Very flexible unit, and built like a tank!

Thanks for the info dubhausdisco. Look forward to your report on how it goes with Cubasis.
Looks like a nice little unit and not too expensive either. Could be the solution I am looking for.
Just need a bit more from Cubasis now and I can stop hauling my Fantom G to gigs along with a drumkit :slight_smile:

Thanks again


After a brief overview of the app and the manual, there doesn’t appear to be any way to access any outputs of the sound card other than 1/2. Looks like just a software issue, as other apps are able to do it. If anyone else has different info please let me know.
Having a great time with the app so far!
Steinberg- bring back the “true tape” or whatever that input saturation effect was back in the day!

Thanks! :smiley:

Thanks for the test and overview dubhausdisco. That’s a real shame about the unsupported multiple outs. :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:
One of the audio interfaces that is recommended on the Steinberg site is the RME Fireface and this has 6 or 8 outputs.
I would imagine that all of the outputs work from Cubasis with it or it would be worthless shelling out £800 for.
So, as you say, probably a software issue. Don’t know if Steinberg have to explicitly code for each supported audio interface or something.

Looks like the keyboard stays until there is a Cubasis that works with a reasonably priced audio interface with multiple outs. Or maybe Auria will beat Steinberg to it and implement a full midi spec, in which case I know where my money is going since it already supports the Akai…

Cheers for your help.


Well, I can’t say for sure it doesn’t work… But I’ve checked all of the usual places in the app but I will keep looking.
I would imagine either cubasis supports multiple outs or it doesn’t, the core audio device shouldn’t matter much.
Ill get back to ya

Hi Stevo,

yay the EIE looks great!.. thanks for the info Dubhousdisco! Be really cool if the 4 out can work! If Steinberg gets midi and Tempo Track then I’m sorted! …Stevo is there a work around for you if you trigger an external sound module for the metronome you need?


Funnily enough Richard, I was thinking the same thing and I have a Roland sound canvas and a Korg O5R/W kicking about that I don’t use. They are both half rack and would fit beside something like the Akai EIE.
Would also provide me with a headphone out and do away with the headphone amp I currently use.

I may wait a while to see what developments there are in the app world before committing since I have a working, all be it rather heavy, solution with the keyboard. I will be keeping an eye on what’s happening in the forum too.



If it means something, I got a response form Alesis about their ioDock and its’ lightening plug versus the older connection. Their rep said they are currently finishing manuals for new product introduced at NAMM but their ios line is expanding . Just not yet ready to divulge what it might be ???