Recommend a DAW-Friendly Anti-Virus/Malware Program for Mac?

Looking for something on the Mac platform - not resource heavy and friendly with Cubase,etc. Was using Avira but discovered several trojans got through.


bit defender in the app store… It’s called virus scanner plus…

What i love about it is… that unlike the others… not only can real time scanning be disabled, the entire program can be completely shut down, leaving zero processes in activity monitor… which is what I do when i am not on the net…

Sorry for late reply but just saw this topic now… i tried everything and believe me that one is the best compromise for performance/virus catching ability.

How about not connecting your daw and livelihood to the internet?

who said it’s my livelihood or even the OP’s for that matter?

in all these years i have never had a single bit of adware or virus on my mac anyway, scanned weekly with malware bytes and bit defender just to be safe… you know why? I only browse with no script and firefox… simple as that.