recommend a good graphics card

can anyone recommend a good graphics card. I’ve been using the Matrox Parhelia Apve 650 with dual displays and a separate tv monitor for the video with no problems until now. Unfortunately the card has just blown and I need to find an alternative. I have seen that a lot of you recommend the Blackmagic Intensity Pro card but i’m not sure if this would allow me to have the dual displays i need? Any other ideas as i’m working to a tight budget?

the intensity card is great. and if you need 9 pin and processing done on the card you could get the decklink extreme (it’s a fair bit more expensive). we have both and they’re rock solid.

As long as you’re not doing 64-bit versions of Nuendo… yes?

Thanks Max & Lydiot
I think I will go for for the intensity card for video output, but I still need a graphics card (PCI-e x16 slot) for my two DVI monitors. Can you recommend one that doesn’t use up much resources? I’ve read that a lot of the cards claiming to have 1GB on board can slow down your DAW. My last card, the Matrox Parhelia had only 128MB and outputted the video and 2 monitors with no problems at all. Any ideas?