Recommend a solid midi interface?

Hi All,

It seems that my Motu MTPAV/USB is starting to flake out on me (more than usual). Now all of a sudden Nuendo will not see any incoming midi notes from it no matter what, although I’ve tried all the usual disconnecting/re-connecting midi/usb cables and rebooting both the unit and computer.

I’m actually tired of it disappearing on me from time to time and I hate the Clockworks software. So time for a change. Anybody can recommend a pro, stable, EASY, midi interface?? I don’t really need 8x8 in/out, I probably only really need 1 in and 1 out/thru. But I don’t mind getting the more advanced model if need be.

Thanks in advance,

What’s wrong with the one in the RME Multiface?

Ah! Good observation!!

Nothing is wrong with it at all … but I was hoping for a stand-alone unit. With the RME, I have to have the DAW turned on, a project open, and a track armed in order for midi information to pass through it to my other midi modules. Sometimes I want to be able to sit down at the keyboard and play, and maybe the DAW isn’t on.

I use my Midex for that, it works standalone (input 1 or input 8 to all outputs) which is a great feature.
It’s however been unsupported since a long while, so no guarantees it’ll work on your OS. There’s also a Midex 3, not sure if that has standalone as well but that’s 3 ports instead of 8.

I guess I’m a little confused… which isn’t too surprising! :confused: If you only need one MIDI input and one MIDI output, why do you need an interface? I have two RME Firefaces… 800 and UFX, and both MIDI interfaces work in Windows without loading Cubase. I have several soft synths, and I can use them in standalone mode just fine! I can even play Omnisphere in standalone using the SAVIHost application.

Maybe the driver for the Multiface works differently from the Firefaces?

If you need to connect to more than one module, you’ll need more than one output on your MIDI interface, but if you only have one module to control… you could just daisy chain from your controller if it has a MIDI DIN connector… unless they are both USB capable!

What am I missing?


He needs an interface because that’s how you connect the MIDI in/out, and connect your monitors. I recommend the Steinberg UR22.

OP indicated they are looking for a MIDI interface… not an audio interface!


I realize that, hence my recommendation. The UR22 has MIDI in/out, plus nice preamps should the OP ever need to record audio.The OP could also then use the UR22 as his audio output as it offers very low latency.

But he’s got a RME multiface and a MOTU 2408, that’s plenty of high quality inputs :wink:

Ahhhhh…gotcha (my bad!). In that case, how about an M-Audio Midisport?

get a second hand midex 3 or 8 , it will be well worth the price you pay for it .