Recommend Top Notch HW for Cubase

Not disputing/dissing/arguing, just trying to understand. (We’re all purists in some aspect of our lives- I like tea and spend upwards of £15 for a 120g packet,)

This very thing is discussed in this thread:

You wouldn’t like to see my PUKKa herbal tea cupboard then lol

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Not only proximity to your ears, but also to your sensitive microphone that sometimes will pickup any noise and may force you to use a noise gate or other repair tools/tricks you’d rather avoid on a delicate recording.
Sometimes, noise that you barely notice “live” becomes quite annoying once burned into a track.

I do not consider myself as a purist by any means, but yes, fan noise can really get on my nerves after 8+ hours…

If you feel relieved at the end of the day when you turn it off… you should do something about it at the source. But if you don’t notice/care, then good for you.

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Then you have the problem with Apple OS updates breaking everything regularly, especially 3rd party pro installs of apps, drivers, security issues, plugs, VIs as well as its own internal bugs. The complete opposite of a good Win 11 install. More accurately in this context: Windows 11 for Workstations.

we’re going with Ryzen 9 7950X, now only dilemma 3D or regular?
for excluesively Cubase 13 performance.

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Original post:

I guess you changed your mind then.
A 170W gamer CPU is hardly a “silent” option like you originally asked for.
Done right, that’s a fine choice that can be reasonably quiet, but do not expect silence. Make sure to invest in a quiet chassis, large fans, etc.

About your dilemma, I seriously doubt you will experience any tangible difference using the 3D V-cache version or regular.

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We still plan to have a silent rig, just downclock it as needed as advised on our national IT magazine forum.
The arguing point is 4 cores more, not clock.
Merci bcp :wink:

Nope , faster the clock speed the better the performance with Cubase , at least that has always been the case , i don’t no about the new processors but down clocking a 5Ghz processor to 3.6Ghz will give you bad performance

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If it must be passive cooling you need to start with the case. What is the cooling capacity of that case? And build from that. There are some itx cases, but I dont think you will fit server grade cpu there.

more cores for the future :wink:
besides, if the ST is important, and it is, the smaller number of cores will turbo faster, as well for this reason we included the 3D extra cache
the build is finalized, now he will order

I’m waiting for the Yamaha Cubase computer!

Also a big and great thing about AMD platform is the longevity of the motherboard, that plus more equal cores and atm more efficient CPU node, were the decisive factors for an AMD build.

Late 't tea party but I have researched the whole “3D cache or no 3D cache” thing quite extensively, both with available info before the launch and after using real world metrics and reports.

The simple, boring and mildy frustrating conclusion that this all pointed towards is - for games, probably (for some definitely, others - meh) for DAWs and audio workloads, never found a single piece of evidence to support 3D cache making any measurable difference (right now, sure those clever devs could leverage it with code optimisations :slight_smile: Will they? Looking at the market share data and real world units currently as a percentage of all machines being used, highly doubtful).

And this was with the heavy bias of wanting it to be useful, so I could buy one :frowning:

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TX Anyways it’s bought already, the 3D cache version

Hope it is panning out. All the grief involved in creating music, the CPU should be the last thing to worry about XD