Recommend USB C hub

Hello folks!

Im using an iPad Air 4 that just have one usb C port for peripherals so Im using a cheap no brand usb hub where I can connect midi controllers and headphones. Problem is that my iPad losses the volume control over the dedicated buttons in the side of it. The volume is maxed all the time when using the hub.

Can you share your experiences? Do you have a usb hub that works good and delivers a good audio quality?

Thanks in advance!

Hi @Omarciano,

Thanks for your message.

Please note that we recommend to use original Apple adapters only, which seems to work best to connect audio devices with the iPad.

However there might be other users here, to share their experiences made with USB hubs…


Hi Lars,

Sadly (?) apple does not make hubs. And the original dongles are insufficient for a pro use.
They sell other brands (under apple specifications and standards?)in their site so there starts the adventure to find out a good price/specs relation.


I haven’t had issues with hubs messing with the audio. Also using an iPad Air 4, have used a couple different Anker hubs, my experience matches their reputation for good quality to price ratio.