Recommendation for Steinberg, product differentiation

While I think SB have an awesome range of fantastic products of which to choose from, for all manner of abilities and purposes, I do think that it would be good to continue the trend of removing features from the lower end products in order to make them more affordable.

For example, Elements does not have Tempo & Signature Tracks, nor does it have Effects busses so the question is now why have folder tracks?

It might sound unreasonable on the surface to remove functionality but Folder Tracks are arguably not very useful in and of themselves, eg they only perform a project management function other than to mute/solo, ie there is no VCA function or audio routing, so please Steinberg remove them from Elements and offer users who can make do with limited features an even cheaper price.

On a further note, the little VST “Folders” can be used as dividers in the tracklist but it would be nice to be able to add these as a project component, that is without the folder icon which when empty merely opens and closes. I believe this would bring greater clarity of view to projects with many tracks in particular those being viewed on small monitors since selection can be performed by drawing rather than clicking.

I respectfully disagree. Dismissing our bread and butter features from lesser versions just wouldn’t be right, my friend. If you want something more affordable, look into Cubase LE/AI. My advice to Steiny would be to keep the core features and add on the new ones (halion sonic se, groove agent, improved GUI) and simply not offer an upgrade path from say Elements 6 to 7. It may be convenient for those who desire only the most basic features for a dime, but tearing down the price/features on lower end products is going to hurt Steiny financially. And I think they’re aware of that.

Problem with them is that they’re OEM versions.

AI typically comes with Yamaha or Steinberg hardware.
LE comes with other hardware.

So technically you get them for free, but you have to invest in a piece of equipment to get them (which could be more than Elements’ price tag).

OEM versions aren’t that useful and besides owning my own hardware I cannot imagine the process would be easy in relation to the SeL, in the event my system goes down…

…which is why I want choice of the former mentioned software eLicenser technology and hardware in order to “drag & drop” from soft to hard as necessary and then upload usage data.

Regarding removal of features, the specific feature in question is IMO not very useful, in particular since it is a flawed feature no less and is not “feature complete” as many have been asking for upgrades to this feature now for many years.

@bane, if you would like to argue about my proposition to steinberg we can always PM, since I think you’re a most knowledgeable person who could probably point out the downsides, not that I agree on a hit to Steiny revenue because the berg keep on making the top quality apps with even more ways to do things and so what if they don’t have them in lower versions because at least the feature was available (and improved) in a higher version. cheers

You do have some valid points. Remembering Essential 5 was rather expensive for a “lesser” version. I’m no CEO of some awesome business, I’m just stating things as I see them from my point of view. Cause DAWs are very much underpriced for what they can do IMO. About $500 for full version! With that being the center of your music making experience, I’d say that’s a reasonable price considering that the same dollar amount would buy only a mediocre mic, decent interface, or 49 key MIDI controller. That still doesn’t mean I want prices to go up! :astonished:

Over and out, :slight_smile:

Essential IMV was a rather dud product, since updates came late which shows bad QC.

At least with the current product line, updates (besides coming thick and fast) are unified across the board insofar as Cubase is concerned.

What I think Steinberg now need to do is find features that can be improved and implement them in higher products, which in turn would bring more custom while at the same time lowering prices.

Well, whatever Steinberg wants to do with the lesser versions is cool with me, since I have been satisfied with Essential and will be on the path to the full version from here. :slight_smile:

Yes the full vers. is ideal, since the workarounds in Elements are not always satisfactory in particular the tempo track.

I never did quite understand why the button to switch between musical/linear time was removed but if you only do exclusive MIDI or audio it’s not an issue.

Still standing by my “recommendation” that Steiny remove features from the low-grade versions, since so long as I can import a file, or create/re-generate content in a lower version; by the time I actually do get to the full kit, my projects will be lean, mean and well organized (one hopes).

Cheers master