Recommendations for a sound card to work with Cubase


I’ve noticed that Cubase is quite sensitive to the sound card you are using.

At the moment I’m considering an upgrade so I wonder if you have any recommendations or feedback regarding the options that I’m considering:

In particular I’m concerned with what I have read about the Focusrite drivers. Are they working well now?

My priorities are (in order):

  1. stable
  2. low latency
  3. enough inputs for: phantom/passive mic+guitar jack+1 line input. ideally the phantom switch will not affect all of the inputs at once.
  4. 2 headphone outputs connected to 2 line outs
  5. midi in/out


The problem is mostly not the connection with Cubase it’s how it interact with your computer.
If stable, low latency is of importance dont go usb. Thunderbolt or pcie.

I use an Apogee Ensemble but that might be out of your price range and you may not need what it provides is a great clock and outstanding A/D converters. I use a hardware mixer that I use to monitor that I’m really use to so the Apogee fit my needs. But If I didn’t already have a mixer I would look to UAD.

I think if I was starting out I would look to a UAD Apollo because you can use their plugins on the way in. That is important if you don’t have a lot of nice high end pre amps like Avalon or Neve. Their plugins are really outstanding.

Good luck. Welcome to the money pit of a home studio. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the tips!