Recommendations for a SSD?

My 256gb Samsung 840 SSD system drive is getting full up and the page file has transferred itself to another drive. I have moved what I can but there is still an issue.

I am considering getting another drive and wonder what the Steinberg community would recommend?

I feel a bit broke after Xmas at present but wont buy cr8pware.

Any ideas folks?

Samsung 850

Agreed… Samsung EVO 850 is a very good choice.

For an OS drive, pretty well ANY modern SSD will do the job to excess, so just go for the cheapest.

One question though: How are you even getting anywhere near using 250GB on an OS drive?

Good question P:

I run Band in a Box - it’s great for practice, but terribly flakey software, so I was keeping the wav files for the (very realistic) real tracks, on the C drive.

I have now managed to move them, which has freed up 60 gig. Getting rid of an 11 gig page file and a huge ‘system information’ file (that did not report its size) has done the trick for now.

Its interesting that samsungs 3.2 tb ssd has not hit the shops yet

Samsung 850 Pro Series 512GB Solid State Hard Drive 2.5" Basic Kit - Retail

think I shall wait a little, thanks for the input guys, the 850s are definitely tempting too