Recommendations for midi control surface for Halion Sonic quick controls

I have a high-end but older graded hammer action keyboard that I’m rather attached to and that I use for my main controller, however it’s lacking in knobs and other controls.

I’ve been having a blast with Halion and Halion Sonic lately and would love to get a control surface to map primarily to the quick controls and the sphere control in Halion Sonic 3. The UI is a good representation of my ideal: something with eight knobs and perhaps a track pad for the sphere control would be perfect. I’m short on space, so I’d prefer something compact.

Any recommendations for this? It looks like Steinberg discontinued their smaller controllers that may have worked well for this use case.

The Steinberg CC121 should be a good solution for Cubase, it also works for Wavelab.
Alltought i cannot really answer what the CC121 can do for Wavelab, since i use the CC121 for zooming in and out and set a few buttons.
So maybe another user can advise a controller for 4u. I can understand you can assign any midi controller to a wavelab controllable parameter…