Recommendations for MIDI Keyboard/Controller for Cubase 6

Hey guys -

Can you please recommend a quality MIDI keyboard/Controller than works smoothly with Cubase 6/6.5.

I am looking at spending no more than $1000US and i want 88 keys since I am a pianist. Some touch sensitivity would be nice but it is not such an important issue for me since I usually perform on piano. I am intending to use this MIDI keyboard purely for composing purposes with Cubase.


Something I read online:

If you don’t need faders and knobs, go for a good digital piano. Will usually have 88 keys that are weighted.

I think you can get some decent Yamaha ones for under $1000, but you’ll need a separate MIDI interface for it as digital pianos typically don’t have MIDI to USB.

I see. Thanks. I was thinking that I would need the faders though.

My thoughts were towards the Oxygen 88 by M-Audio. But the Cakewalk keyboards are also an option.