Recommendations for most efficient midi conversion

Hi, I’ve got a piano midi file that wasn’t performed to a click track but rather just free tempo (though steady rhythm with some ritardandos here and there). What’s the most efficient way for me to move everything to the grid of my Dorico score? I want to avoid having to do everything note-by-note if it’s possible!

Unfortunately I suspect that Dorico is not really the ideal tool for this – you might be better off doing it in Cubase, which has some advanced tools for beat mapping.

Ok thanks Daniel. I have Cubase 9 but haven’t really used it much before; will give that a try!

I think the tool you want is Time Warp.

Definitely do it in a DAW first with beat mapping, then import the .xml or midi in to Dorico.



There’s a recipe here: How can I just record some piano midi and let Cubase follow? - Cubase - Steinberg Forums

If you intend to export as MusicXML, keeping the score window open in Cubase while working can be helpful :slight_smile: