Recommendations on best midi-keyboard for CP9

Which midi-keyboard has the most compatibility with Cubase Pro 9?

Which one can you recommend to give me maximum control over my DAW functions and vsts?

Take a look at Nektar’s Panorama P4(49 key) or P6(61 key) controllers. They have a full integration with Cubase and several third party plugin’s/FX’s pre-mapped. The controller is built well, Keyboard has good weighted keys and response, it also has a motorized fader.

I’ve had a Panorama P6 for a few years now, there is a little bit of a learning curve when you first use it but once you get use to it you wont want to use anything else.

Their support team is great too, very responsive.

+1 for Panorama. Mind you that the mix console channel strip devices cannot be controlled through Panorama protocol due to the Cubase’s API restrictions. However, you can use Cubase’s regular remote control device (midi) with Panorama for that.