Recommended 2-channel audio and midi interface

I want to get my son started on home recording, but on his own computer. Right now I’m running Cubase 4 but planning an upgrade to Cuabse 6. I’m looking for an interface that will allow him to record 2 channel audio as well as have midi in and out. Full duplex would be preferred so he can monitor while recording.

I’ve seen models from Presonus and Focusrite but they usually come with their own software and I’m a bit uncertain as to whether or not they will work with Cubase.

USB or Firewire interface is fine.

Your suggestions are highly appreciated. Thanks!!

here and here are a good start for firewire and usb respectively.
If it has ASIO drivers it will work with Cubase (all the above should have). If you will be running windows and cubase in 64 bit, you may have to check compatibility.

I’m just learning about the whole 64 bit situation. I tried getting Cubase 4 64 bit to work with Waves 7, but no go. So I may be in 32 bit mode for a while until Waves gets their act together.

And for what it’s worth, I love the usb dongle thing. I can put software on any computer I want and run it whenever I need. :slight_smile:

Focusrite do some realy good interfaces.

NI komplete audio 6 is good, with 4 audio n’ midi, + u will get free Cubase 5LE to get ur son started! As soon as he turns out PRO , it is always upgradable to higher Cubase version :slight_smile: