recommended audio card

I’m building a PC daw for my buddy this weekend - i7 3770 ivy, 32 gb, the works…

I was looking into buying a Maudio Delta 192 card for him however after reading that there is no windows 8 64 bit driver available at this time.

So then what are good options to the Maudio delta series? I’m hoping someone might advise.

RME is one of the best ! Great driver & very good routing & good sound ! You Cannot be wrong with RME !

As far as internal audio cards go, RME is definitely among the best. I’ve also heard good things about Nvidia’s PCI cards too, so those may be worth a check as well.

I have an RME UFX running over USB trouble free at 48 samples buffer. RME’s Total Mix is also great and let’s you route the signal wherever you want pretty easily.

As everyone has said RME is truly one of the best and none of it is going to be inexpensive. But you are build something that can likely last several years as a motherboard / CPU combination. If you can afford the RME, you can’t ever second guess yourself about having taken that route.

My MOTU was relatively high end in 2004 and it , as an audio interface , has performed perfectly with Cubase for 9 years. It was only an issue initially in 2005 when MOTU had inexperienced coders developing their firewire drivers. It is a nice feeling clicking this thing on and off for 9 years and having it never screw up. Just like my F-150 with 289,000 miles. It’s just does the job

Check out RME AIO! Good stuff!