recommended computer keyboard


what are the best recommended computer keyboards (or keyboard & mouse comb.) for working
with audio in general and Cubase?

can you please post me your favorites?


I think it’s a personal preference thing.

I have a compact Rapoo wireless keyboard and Microsoft wireless mouse. They’re not specifically designed for audio editing or anything like that, but they work fine for me. I myself have opted for 3 Steinberg CMC controller in addition for workflow purposes (transport control, opening windows, toggle settings etc).

If you are a heavy key command user you might want to invest in a dedicated Cubase keyboard, see:

But they don’t come cheap and I don’t have any personal experience with them. I believe you can also buy stickers to stick onto the keys of a regular (read: cheap) keyboard yourself. Might be worth looking into.

If doing wireless and dual boot, make sure your keyboard and mice use a dongle.

Bluetooth devices cannot be used at the boot selection screen, as no BT driver has been loaded.

Also, it needs to be paired to each partition separately, which basically means devices that can only be paired with one computer at a time will require pairing on EVERY boot-up. Probably because while the Mac address is the same, the firmware in the keyboard knows the computer is not exactly the same beyond the dongle.

For a while, I used a Logitech K810, which can be paired with up to three devices, and used two Bluetooth dongles, where only one was enabled for each boot partition. In the end, the dual dongle setup became increasingly unreliable, to the point where the dongles were not even recognised by either boot. I think that the OS device tables had reached internal limits, much like can happen with USB devices.

The wireless USB/Keyboard I have use 2,4Ghz radio to communicate, and all wireless ‘logic’ is handled between the dongle and the device. As far as the BIOS is concerned, it’s just another USB keyboard/mouse.

But yeah, bluetooth is a different story I can imagine.

I use an dedicated Cubase “Edit keys” 2010 Pc model which is brilliant and it also has a usb socket on the side for which I use for the wireless mouse dongle so they are only 10cm’s apart . Great keyboard :wink:

thank you guys