Recommended controller keyboards

its a big world out there in the land of controller keyboards.

what controller keyboard would you recommend to control c6 ,good key action ,easy to assign functions and a good user design ?

I’ve been looking at an EMU longboard, because it can also function as standalone keyboard. That’d make it a cheap controller keyboard with aftertouch and a fairly useful soundsource at the same time, all for just €200,-

It’s not got much in terms of controllers though, no pads, faders etc. Are you looking for piano hammer keys or synth?

lol ive got synths popping out my ears lol im really looking to get a bit more up to date with controlling c6 it’s self, i have a mackie baby hui and a few keyboards that could be controllers .
ever since my elka mk88 gave up the ghost ive just used every synth it’s self due to some only being sysex and not cc but now ive decided to keep the keyboards and modules i really want and get with the future , so it’s either get rid of the mackie and get and allin one controller or keep the mackie for the transport and autofades on the channels and just look for some controller for the fx and eq’s in c6 ,some thing like the novation series with automap 3 ?
i must admit i was look at the emu myself as i have quite a bit of emu stuff here but i don’t play live so im just wondering what is the best controller option for c6 with the best mapping

i could even be tempted to buy a cc121 from steiny now they have proved that they are dedicated to keeping old hardware alive :wink:

sorry i should of named the thread "best controllers for c6 "

I researched controller keyboards very carefully and found that the best bet is the Novation SL Mk II. I ended up with a 49 key version of that. The Automap software works, and the keyboards are proper semi weighted ones from Fatar. I’m quite happy using it with using Cubase 6.


thanks dj i have been researching as well about the keyboards and your right i have had my eye on a 49 sl mk2 for the last 2 years and they do seem to be the top runner especially with the automap , i know the steinberg cc121 does a similar sort of thing as well but i know for sure i certainly will not be going for an M audio keyboard as they are to fiddly and a crap GUI .
i think in the end it will be the novation !

cheers for your input