Recommended Controllers for Cubase?

I’m using Cubase 11 Pro. I have been waiting for the CC 121 to become available again but now am thinking about getting something else to use in the meantime. Can anyone recommend something off-brand that works well? I’ve looked at similar products from Presonus and Behringer but have read that they aren’t as easily integrated into Cubase or have limitations, etc. Anyone have any experience with the CMC modular series? They seem fairly useful in terms of customizing a desktop especially for a space-limited setup like I have.
Appreciate any input.


CC121 is the best integrated controller you can find, because it was designed especially and exclusively for Cubase only. You would always do some compromises with other controllers.

CMC modules were quite nice cheap pieces of hardware. But they are out of production for several years already.

I used the CMC-TP for quite a while, and was very happy with it for many years, until one day one of the buttons stopped working - very likely just wear and tear. I was able to fix it somewhat, but ended up moving on to other controllers.

The CMC series is discontinued though, so you might have to look for used units.

Over time I’ve accumulated a bit of a collection of controllers (over 10 by now) and they mostly pretty much worked via using the Generic Remote in Cubase.

I’ve even used Native Instruments DJ controllers with Cubase via the Generic Remote.

Some controllers have the ability to use the Mackie Control protocol, but I gave up on that, since it’s incosistently implemented, limited and frustrating.

However, if you just want something truly easy - plug and play all the way - that may be difficult to find.

The least hassle is to set up 8 dials or faders as Cubase Quick Controls. That’s relatively easy, and works with any controller that can send midi CC messages from its knobs or faders - but even that confuses quite a lot of people.