Recommended Graphics cards for Cubase 12 Pro

I am thinking - is it time to upgrade to a 4K (or above) monitor and graphics? What do you guys and dolls recommend? Is it worth the upgrade?

Apologies if this is in the wrong place but I wanted to address it specifically to Cubase Pro 12 users so I hope the mods don’t mind.

There will be many opinions on this – mine is: only go to 4k if you want to run a big screen, like 43 inches or larger. Try to run at 100%. I have two screens these days, 2560x1440 resolution, and a second one in a vertical orientation that I use for the Score Editor, 1200x1980 resolution.

Cubase des not really take advantage of graphic cards’ power. Built-in works great. Click my avatar to see my specs.

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Please click my avatar for my current system specs (can’t get much in there so you will need to click it again once in there!)

I use a 4k LG 32un880, and it works great for me.
Recommend every pixel of it and the flexible stand makes ALL the difference to adjust to various situations.

@Y-D What Graphics Card do you use?

FWIW I use a 32" (curved widescreen) 4K monitor for my main Cubase project window, and a 27" 4K monitor for the mixer window. Scaling works just fine. This works so well that I’ll be adding another 32" 4K monitor for SuperVision (and larger mixing sessions). All driven by the Intel-built-in GPUs, so I can have a fanless system that’s completely silent. Works great!

I don’t recall, and it does not matter much anyway. It’s the most basic fanless Nvidia card I could find a few years ago.
Anything fairly recent will work with Cubase, and like TSKissel mentioned, even the built-in GPU of (recent) processors can drive a couple of 4k monitors just fine.

does the graphics card not need to be HDMI 2.1 ready to give out the higher resolution?