Recommended Home Theatre System

I use Cubase at home in my make-shift studio so I’ve got a nice set of monitor speakers. I would like however, to get a decent home theatre system for playing my movies through etc. I’ve been messing around making my own videos and have worked a way of producing 5.1 audio using Cubase and Sony Vegas Movie Studio so I want something I can use for that too. Any suggestions on a good system with great sound but not too ridiculously priced? I have roughly a $450, around £300 budget to spend. Sound quality and connectivity are the most important, not bothered about gimmicky features. Thanks, M

Do you have an audio interface with 6 additional free outputs to drive a 5.1 system?

Actually, that doesn’t really matter, because that budget isn’t going to buy you a proper 5.1 monitoring system unfortunately.
You’ll have to get a consumer grade home theatre setup, which usually runs off a couple of minijack connections. Those wouldn’t work with an audio interface other than your onboard soundcard. That means you can’t really use it with Cubase, because the generic ASIO drivers for those don’t usually give you access to all the outputs, just the stereo output.

Ah right, do you know how much I’d pay for a proper 5.1 monitoring system? I have enough free outputs. If its not too much more than my budget, it might be worth it.

I’m not an expert, and I don’t have a 5.1 setup, but from what I’ve seen, 5.1 monitoring setups usually consists of 5 ‘regular’ studio monitors + matching sub. For instance, I’ve seen people use 5 Yamaha HS5’s or HS8’s, with an HS8S subwoofer.
The HS5’s are quite cheap, but because you need 5 + a sub you’re still looking at roughly €1200 if you buy everything new.