Recommended Interface

I’m currently use a UR24C Audio Interface. Is there a better interface?

There’s hundreds of better interfaces but you need to be more specific.
How many inputs?
How many outputs?

2 - 4 Inputs
2 Outputs
Midi: No
Budget: $500 or less

Lots in that range. Focusright Clarett, RME Babyface pro fs, universal audio Apollo solo usb, Audient id22 to name a few. I use the Babyface pro fs.

Thanks! What’s your take on Black Lion Revolution or Focusrite Scarlett 4i4?

Never heard of the first one. A friend has a Scarlett interface which sounds ok but I haven’t compared it to anything. I suggest you read the reviews as I couldn’t really say.

What’s wrong with the interface you have? What are you trying to achieve? You may not notice big differences

I’m getting random dropouts. For example, I have a track with a Grand Piano on it. I set up a loop range and hit [Play]. The track at times randomly goes silent. I don’t get an overload on the Audio performance, so I’m stumped on this one. Do you have any idea what would be the cause of this???

Did you have a look at this?

Historically the most common culprit is a cable going bad

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I don’t think it’s a bad cable because the drop out occurs randomly during playback.

I tried switching it from Superspeed and it does the same thing.

I also spoke with sales at Sweetwater for a unit that works with Cubase. Ironically, this unit was not mentioned.

did you do what I suggested?

I found the issue. I created an a new Empty project. Drag the track(s) from the broken project. Everything is working fine. Now I just have to launch Cubase in safe mode and activate each plugin one at a time until it breaks. Then I’ll download the latest release of the broken plugin(s) and reinstall. That should fix things.

Thank you all for your advice. I found the problem. It appears to be a damaged plugin LX480 Essentials from Relab Development. I’ll go ahead and download the latest and greatest and reinstall the plugin. That should fix things. Again thanks to the Cubase family!

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