Recommended "Notebook" Models?

I’m looking at remote audio recording options, and then taking it back to my PC DAW for full editing.

If you use a notebook for audio recording into Cubase, or Cubase “light”, please let me know how it’s gone for you!


Thx for chiming in. Looking at portable audio recording alternatives to iPad/Cubasis. I’d like to minimize the learning curve, so something w/ Cubase in one of its versions would be nice (Cubasis only runs on an iPad). Right now I don’t have any portable devices.

From what I gather reading many posts here is that there are many running Cubase and other Daws on a laptop / notebook.
My son does most recording of musicians on a macbook (using pro-tools however) and an Mbox (or other) interface, then brings it into the studio for proper mixing.

There’s a sticky in this very forum about laptop/notebook models that work well with Cubase.
I’ve never used Cubase on anything other than my HP elitebook which works just fine. Although Elitebooks aren’t exactly cheap.

Thanks - I saw the title was for “Laptops” - didn’t remember from the last time I’d gone through the sticky that it had notebooks in there too! Off I go …

As far as I know, a laptop and a notebook are exactly the same thing. It’s just that the term Laptop is no longer used because laptops tend to get a bit hot and aren’t very comfortable in your lap, so they changed the name to notebook.

If you feel there is a difference I’d like to know what it is, that’d help answering your question as well :slight_smile:

I pretty much agree, but I think the name change came when the physical “thickness” and weight were reduced and really became comparable to an actual “notebook”.

according to this link: , exactly as Brihar says. I wasn’t aware that the two product lines had evolved towards each other so that they were (virtually, if at all) indistinguishable from each other. Thanks!

Thank you everybody for your time and helpful comments!

Expecting complete failure (based on the many many “minefield” comments and :smiling_imp: icons seen on threads all over the web concerning laptops for audio), on a lark I tested the DPC latency checker on my personal, “non-audio” laptop. I was flabbergasted to see that it tested out acceptably. So, for the moment at least I’m going to hold on my search for a tablet, and look instead for an XP-compatible interface.

I’ve got a thread HERE: asking for advice on a choice of an XP-compatible interface, if anyone wanted to contribute, it would be much appreciated. Thanks!

Before I bought my HP Elitebook I bought a HP NC6320 which I still have and use for live recordings. I’ve recorded 24 tracks of 24 bit audio with no problem via a M-Audio Profire 2626, Presonus Firestudio 2626, and with my band I record 14 tracks through a Phonic Helix Board 18 universal (via firewire). The NC6320 has a built in TI chipset mini firewiore port that works perfectly as well as Cardbus AND Expresscard slots. Just make sure you get the Core 2 Duo 7200 CPU and at least 2 gig of ram.
Here’s one now:

As for your other post, with a NC6320 you could pickup a M-Audio Profire 2626 or Presonus Firestudio 2626 used for under $300 and have 8 mic pres, 16 channels of Adat (for expansion) and midi.