Recommended or mandatory os requirements

Hi to all,

I need to know if in Mac enviroment OSX Lion or Mountain Lion are mandatory for C7, or it COULD run also over 10.6.8 (my actual version): due to various OS10.7/8 intabilites (seen by myself!), I don’t want to upgrade the OS yet.

Tks in advance

I’m in the same boat, MacBook Pro running latest version of Snow Leopard. Everything works fine (with a few small exceptions). I also have a second Macbook that I updated to Mountain Lion. Having issues with it working properly with my MR816x. I do a training by Steinberg once a month. The Steinberg trainers like Windows better. They claim that the Apple priority system takes too long to work out the bugs.

Aloha m,

This issue surfaced soon after C7 shipped.

If you do a search of the board you will find that there quite a number of
users successfully doing exactly what you are asking.

As BuckW posted,
There are a few issues (mainly graphic in nature)
with doing this but I believe those users are for the most part
pretty satisfied using C7 running on 10.6.8.

If you do a search you will see that a few folks have posted a couple
of tips/tricks and work-arounds for the probs you may encounter.

Good luck!

HTH (hope this helps)



This thread from back in December ‘nails’ the issue
and can help get you started.