Recommended RAM for Cubase 7


I would like to know if anyone could let me know the recommended amount of RAM for using Cubase 7?

My computer is an:

3.06 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo
4 GB 1067 MHz RAM
OS version 10.8.3


It depends on the style of your work. Are you mixing? Are you composing, and using virtual instruments? Which virtual instruments? How many plug-ins are you using? What plug-ins?

I have 8GB on one of my computer, and it’s enough. I have 20GB on the second one maschine, and this is so so.

It depends, what you are doing, realy.

Like Martin says, it depends of the work that you do (and the system you will use)

Generally speaking:

More VSTs instruments -> More RAM needed
More Audio Processing -> More CPU needed

I use my 32bit system (4GB of RAM max) for recording and mixing without any problems.

For quite a lot of audio tracks, or MIDI tracks controlling external hardware instruments, you’ve got plenty.
If you want to use loads of sample-playing softsynths, stuff in all the RAM you can!


ONLY ram hungry VSTi will benefit from more RAM (ROMplers or samplers - or any vst the loads a hefty chunk of its processing into the memory - like Nebula).

I’d say that with today’s prices, 8GB is the bare minimum, but there’s no real reason to go less then 16GB.

Pretty much says it all. I think you will hit the wall more in regard to CPU usage than ram on that 2008 imac.

That’s why generally :stuck_out_tongue: everything is based in “If need process, need CPU”

So you are kind of right. But let’s think that not every system it’s 64bit, so your RAM will be ruled by that also.

Again, working with only audio, I have plenty of spare ram with 4GB (but I also use windows ReadyBoost tech)

Distante, you said you are using Ready Boost? How much flash do you have there and do you really notice an improvement? I have thought about doing this but I have never found anyone using it…

I’m using a 8GB flash as ReadyBoost drive.

Yep, It shows an improve isn’t like having 8GB more of ram for sure, but the system seems to thank for these extra 8GB used as a caché.

All the things related to the SO run more smoothly.

Wow, thanks for this news. I will try this. :smiley:

Thank you very much all the tips!

I will start with an an extra 4GB ram and see what difference it makes.

Best regards,


This is a Mac isn’t it? You know that you’ll get a better deal NOT buying from Apple? It’s the same memory, wherever you get it.

Laurence: I did not buy it directly from Apple; i found it at a 3rd of the price at a computer website!

Thank you for the tip!