Recommended screen resolution for WaveLab 7?

Both of my monitors (1600x900 and 1440x900) are apparently too low-resolution for WaveLab to display tab groups in my workspaces. (I can force tabs into the view, but it’s super crammed.)

I want to get a bigger/higher-res monitor but don’t have a lot of physical space to work with. Just curious what the minimum resolution is for WaveLab to show tab groups by default, so I can use that as a baseline?


Gonna answer my own question, since I never found an answer online.

Just took a gamble and picked up a nice Dell monitor that was 1920x1080, which is not that much higher than my 1600x900, but about at the maximum physical size I could fit on my desk.

Launched WaveLab, and lo and behold, I had tab groups at the top of my workspaces!

So, 1600x900 or under: Too small. 1920x1080: Apparently enough.

As much as you can afford is my recommendation. I typically use two monitors for WaveLab, both at the 1920x1200 resolution. One for wave management, the other for VSTs and meters of various kinds.

I could stretch the wave window over multiple monitors but the border between the monitors and the ‘slight offset’ affects my expectation and therefore affects my workflow.

Thumbs-up on your setup!

I only have a dual-monitor setup, but I certainly use it to its fullest, at least with Cubase.

FWIW, through experimentation I eventually determined that the true minimum resolution for the full WaveLab UI appears to be 1280x1024.

I have dual a 1280x1024 setup on a Mac and it’s ok also. That said, Wavelab makes (at least in my opinion) too liberal use of screen real estate. Many windows and dialog boxes are just filled with empty space all over. I’m sure it could look a lot more elegant, but even so, it’s great software.