recommended video formats for Cubase?


This is the first time I’m going to use video inside Cubase: I’m going to make a soundtrack for some videos, just to learn the process. I have alot of video files in different formats that I want to convert and merge to a format that Cubase easily can handle.

Those of you that have been working alot with video inside Cubase - what video format(s) would you recommend I convert my video files to?


Please have a look at this knowledge base article.



I Use photojpeg format in a MOV container.
70% compression works great and looks great.

The only negetive part is the file size which is much bigger then h264 for example but it dosn’t take much from your CPU.

i hope that you are using a Fast Hard Drive.

On Windows, I use XMediaRecode build 3191 to generate MOV files with MP4 AVC / AAC. You can configure nearly everything when re-encoding. If you read the knowledge base artice carefully and adapt the settings, it should be easy to generate MOV videos that work perfectly inside Cubase.

For the lazy ones, the attached settings file should work nicely for SD and HD stuff, and the resulting videos will work without a prob in Cubase. For HD, you could increase the video bitrate a bit to get a decent pic (e g to 4000).

The big advantage of XMediaRecode is that it accepts nearly any input format (MPEG2, MTS, TS…) and is 100% stable. You don’t even have to install it if you use the portable version. (1.02 KB)

I wanted to ask the same question, but the article is not valid anymore. It’s about ASIO guard not video formats.

Here is new one: Video-Support-in-Nuendo-and-Cubase