recommended VSTi-Controller

hello everyone,

1st I want to apologize for my bad english, but I´m german

I wanna buy from the Xmas-extramoney a controller for all my lovely VSTi from Steinberg, u-he, NI, Arturia, RobPapen and Korg
but most important is, that I´m able to control the macroknobs from NI-Massive
what I don´t really like was AutoMap from Novation, ´cause sometimes it let crash my Cubase6.0.7

I´ve read so much reviews and reduced the choices to those 4 here:

  1. NI Kontrol S61
  2. Akai MPK 261
  3. Nektar P1
  4. Arturia Keylab61

so please can you recommend one, hopefully used by yourself - or are 4 nothing and you have THE choice for me?

or should I use my NI-Maschine in Cubase for this scheme? an excisting Yamaha QS300 could be used as keyboard :wink:

thanks in advance and a merry Christmas everyone,
The Sarge!

Since you have komplete 9: is kontrol 61 not the logical choice ?
It is expensive, but in terms of interaction i think there is little that can come close to that one given your configuration.

kind regards,

cheers Roel,
thanks for your advice, I also thought that, but then I heard that non-NI-VSTi would have problems by using them in the MIDI-mode…
that they didn´t work in the dedicated Kompelet-Kontrol-Software is totally clear for me, ´cause this software is for NI-products
and due to the price I hope that another solution is possible :wink:
so let´s wait for some more input here

Ok, shall give it a bump again with this reply.
By the way: i use a novation controller (remote zero) too. I also had enough from the Automap sofware and i uninstalled it, but i still use the controller up to this day as a regular midi controller. With the display, and the build in functions, imo they make excellent controllers that are hard to find elsewhere in terms of functionality, and they are very durable and user friendly.

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I notice you list Nektar P1 but not the P4/P6? The Nektar keyboards give you full control of Cubase (Mixer, Transport and internal devices) with over 400 VST plugins pre-mapped. The macro controls of Massive are pre-mapped and immediately accessible.

There is also a more budget option - Nektar Impact LX series. This gives you basic mixer mapping, extended transport control and pre-mapped support for the same 400 plugins as Panorama.

Here are a few videos you may not have seen:


Impact LX:

thx for bump and info
didn´t knew before that Novation-equipment runs without Automap - good to know allthough now 1 more item to think about (the Zero)

thx for your infos, too
the P4/P6 isn´t in the list cause I tried it at the store. there was no choice to get the interface working, but to check the keys itself and they were horrible for that price
and then I found out, that the P1 should be the same includeing everything as the P4/P6 but without keys

I´ll check the vids later

Ofcourse they are midicontrollers. Basicly novation controllers are standard midi controllers with an addition called automap wich is nothing more then a bridge between the vst and the midicontroller that tries to make “automated mappings” for the controller. Unfortunatly developers do not stick to standard rules, and thus automaps results are rather mediocre.

Actually, what Native instruments is doing with their komplete controllers is basically very near to what automap does, but with that difference that the supported software is all from the same company. So they can do a correct mapping for that reason, and take it even a little further. But when non-NI instruments are controlled, they basically have to fall back to the standard midi controller procedures.

kind regards

if someone know a really good controller without keyboard, then you´re welcome too :bulb:

Novation Zero SL MkII - without Keyboard. Plus Automap.

Definitely one of the best imho

cheers, Ernst


thx, will check it out (soon) allthough I don´t like Automap anymore

touchscreen? no chance! I wanna feel the knobs and not rubbing

:sunglasses: Usually, rubbing AND feeling the knobs is best…

Sorry, I just couldn’t resist… :wink: