Recompiling raster sizes

sometimes before printing I move a few bars to the next page or to the previous page to aid with page turns.
On this screen shot, the last 10 bar were moved from the next page [moved backwards] for a page turn. Somehow I always expect that the full page will be reformatted. But what seems to happen is that the music I move gets squeezed or squashed. I have tried changing and saving the raster size and then changing and saving it back again, but the notation looks the same.
I am sure that there must be a setting somewhere to recompile so all the bars are the same size. Can anyone point me to the correct place? in this example it is not too bad, but in some music if there is a passage with lots of fast notes, then the look is completely wrong.

Many thanks

Turn on View > Signpost > Frame Breaks and System Breaks. Delete the purple signposts you disagree with.

If you’re reliably trying to squeeze more bars on each system than Dorico wants, you may be better off reducing the default space for a quarter globally (to the layout) from Layout Options > Note Spacing or locally from Engrave > Note Spacing Change.

Hi Pianoleo.
That seemed to work really well. I hope that it will work with all my other parts in the future, but for now top result.
many thanks