Reconfiguring FX on multiple projects [cues]

Hello friends,

I have a workflow question. I recently acquired a new set of fx [MIR] that I would like to use in a project. Thing is, I’ve already written about 42 cues using a different fx/send configuration .

Most of the cues have a similar routing setup though. I route my instrument VSTs to sub groups based on instrument (violins, viola, celli, bass, tpts, horns etc etc) which I then route to section groups (Hi Strings, Low Strings, Hi Brass Low Brass, etc etc) and then route those to main Orch/Rock/Pad groups.

My reverbs, at this point are simple, one or two verbs that I have various send levels on the individual instrument subgroups (before the sections) .

I was wondering if there was an easy way to insert my new fx into one cue and then copy the configuration to the others. Also, what would happen if I did that and there was a stray track here and there that was added as I wrote the music.



I’m not sure, if I understand your settings, but… You can save the preset of the plug-in and then load it in all other projects. Or you can even Store the Track preset, and then load it.

Does it help?

Sorry for the confusion, I’ll try to explain more clearly.

What I’d like to do is create an effects track, route my instrument subgroups to that effect track. And then copy that routing to all subsequent projects.

You cannot copy routing afaik. You can only save tracks as presets. Or export tracks and import them into another project, together with routing. But once imported into project, you have to set up routing to those imported tracks manually.


What might help: you can route multiple Channels of the project to an output at once, of course. Use Q-Link option.