Reconform doesn't generate a change list

I have been working with a video edit and received the EDL from the editor in anticipation of reconforming within Nuendo as changes occur. I’ve now received the updated edit and EDL.

When I load the two EDL’s into the reconform dialog, I can see the differences but when I select the Generate button, no change list is generated.

I have re-aligned my edit for FFOP at 1 hour (the editor just starts at 00:00:00:00) so I was assuming that an offset was required but that didn’t make a difference. I’ve even reset my project to start at 00:00:00:00 and moved the two edits to their original start times. Still no Change EDL.

What have I missed? I’ve followed the printed directions as closely as I am able.

I would have to see the EDLs to say anything … The first 10 lines would be enough.


I’m having a hard time getting a screen capture (no imaging software on my Nuendo machine) and I can’t upload the EDL’s. It looks like it may be that the film makers have not utilized any time code in production so nothing has an origin time. It 's also possible that they’re not outputting a standard format EDL (working in Premiere so I’m not sure about EDL’s from there).

I’m thinking I’m back to hand conforming on this project. Thankfully it’s small.

If I am able to upload some of their EDL in the next day or so, I’ll do so.